Research across Google is advancing the state-of-the-art in almost every domain of Computer Science. The scale at which Google operates allows research teams integrated throughout Google to pursue work of strategic interest, and makes the innovation behind our products possible.

We are hiring talented engineers and researchers into Machine Intelligence Roles.

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Google provides the most inspiring research environment in the world: learning problems with massively large data sets, truly motivating applications with great diversity, real impact of research on the design of products and solutions, and the best researchers and engineers.

Google Research gives you both the freedom to explore new ideas and the opportunity to innovate in products which impact Google's users. Being able to work with the top researchers in the world and to mentor the next generation researchers is also very rewarding.

Before joining, the advantages of Google Research were obvious in terms of scope and scale. But once here, you realize there's way more to it: you get to influence great products by working with great engineers, while having the freedom to do research alongside some of the world experts in machine learning.

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