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What is it like to do research at Google?

"Why do I work at Google?"

Well, when the bank robber Willie Sutton was asked: "Why do you rob banks?," he allegedly said: "because that's where the money is." I'm at Google because that's where the data is, and the means to use it. Google has done a great job of collecting interesting data -- web text, images, geographic information -- and has built the tools to analyze it as well as a great team of colleagues to work with. All this makes it possible to do great work at scale. In the end, the reason for doing the work is to create something useful that helps people, and Google makes it easy for researchers to roll out products that will help hundreds of millions of people.

  • Peter Norvig
  • Director of Research
  • Googler since 2001
  • Previously head of Computational Sciences at NASA and faculty member at University of Southern California and University of California, Berkeley
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We are always looking for talented and creative computer scientists for Software Engineer and Research Scientist positions.  We hire people who are driven to rapidly innovate in areas such as Security and Privacy, Information Retrieval, A.I., Data Mining, Machine Learning, Machine Perception, HCI, Education, Natural Language Processing,  Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Network Architecture, and Distributed Systems, to name just a few. Google employs thousands of PhDs across these and other disciplines to work on real-world problems with high potential for impact.

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At Google, our technical interns are key players in our daily innovation and have the opportunity to make big contributions. Google technical internship opportunities are full-time positions and take place year-round. We accept students from multiple disciplines – including CS, EE, Maths, Physics – so students studying a variety of subjects are encouraged to apply. Google internships start and end dates are flexible with regard to academic schedules, but you’ll be expected to commit to at least three months of full-time work.

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