Research happens across all of Google, and affects everything we do.

Research at Google is unique. Because so much of what we do hasn't been done before, the lines between research and development are often very blurred. This hybrid approach allows our discoveries to affect the world, both through improving Google products and services, and through the broader advancement of scientific knowledge.

Google's Hybrid Approach to Research
What is Research at Google?  

What is Research at Google?

Latest Publications


    Real-Time Pedestrian Detection With Deep Networks Cascades

    Anelia Angelova, Alex Krizhevsky, Vincent Vanhoucke, Abhijit Ogale, Dave Ferguson

    Proceedings of BMVC 2015 (to appear)


    Pedestrian Detection with a Large-Field-Of-View Deep Network

    Anelia Angelova, Alex Krizhevsky, Vincent Vanhoucke

    Proceedings of ICRA 2015


    Efficient Top-Down BTG Parsing for Machine Translation Preordering

    Tetsuji Nakagawa

    Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 7th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (Volume 1: Long Papers), Association for Computational Linguistics (2015), pp. 208-218

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