Proposal Advice

Open advice to Google Faculty Research Awards proposal writers

As a part of the group of engineers that review proposals for this program, we read a lot of proposals. We'd like to read more good proposals. Here's some advice on how you can improve the content of your short proposal and make reviewing it easier.

A good research grant proposal:

As a final note, please try to find a sponsor inside Google and ask them to provide feedback on your proposal before you submit it. While having a strong internal sponsor is not a requirement for funding, it can definitely help. With or without a sponsor, following the recommendations above will likely improve the quality of your proposal. For more details on how to identify and approach potential sponsors, please see our program FAQs. The Research Awards program team wil not be able to help connect you to potential sponsors before you submit a proposal, but all funded projects will be assigned a sponsor.

Thanks for reading. We're looking forward to your proposal!