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Little Box Challenge - High Power Density Inverter Award Program

In parallel with the Little Box Challenge, an open competition sponsored by Google and the IEEE Power Electronics Society, Google Research is soliciting proposals for groundbreaking research in the area of increasing the power density for DC-to-AC power conversion. This funding opportunity is available only to academics who are full time faculty at degree granting Universities. It is envisioned that award recipients could use their grant funding to assist in building a device that could win the competition. Applying for or receiving an award will not affect an entrant's chances of winning the grand prize.

We expect to award 10-15 projects in amounts between 20,000 USD and 40,000 USD. Most gifts will be in the range of 25,000-30,000 and are intended to cover approximately 8-10 months of work.The funding will be in the form of a one time unrestricted gift given within 2 months of the award announcement. The award committee reserves the right to lower or increase the individual or total award amount given at its discretion.

The award application deadline has passed. We no longer accept applications.

The Little Box Challenge Academic Award recipients have been announced. See this post on the Google Research Blog for details.