Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme

We are pleased to announce the Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme for 2016. Nurturing and maintaining strong relations with the academic community is a top priority at Google. The Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme was created to support outstanding doctoral students doing exceptional research in Computer Science or closely related areas. Fellowships are available to PhD students at any stage of their research, and enrolled at universities invited to participate in the programme. Google will award approximately 15 named fellowships from amongst the following:

Applications cannot be accepted directly from students. Universities selected for this programme will be contacted directly by Google.

Fellowship Details

Google will award fellowships covering the research part of the PhD programme for up to three years, and consisting of:

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered for the 2016 Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme, students must meet the following criteria:

Google Doctoral Fellows may not hold the Google Fellowship concurrently with another PhD scholarship / fellowship.

Application Process and Requirements

For each student nomination, the university's Computer Science department (or invited department) should please submit:

All application documents must be in English. Each selected university will be invited to submit a maximum of two student nominations for fellowship consideration.

We encourage universities to nominate students from under-represented groups where appropriate.

Nominations and application materials are due no later than 1st December 2015. An online nomination form will be available in mid November 2015 for submissions and eligible universities will receive an e-mail once the form may be accessed. Committees of distinguished engineers and researchers from within Google will review all applications. Short-listed students may be invited for an in-person interview following the initial review.

Fellowship recipients will be announced in February 2016. For more information on previous Google Doctoral Fellows, please see Google Europe Doctoral Fellowship Recipients


How many students may each university nominate?

Each invited university may nominate up to two students.

Who should submit the applications?

Materials must be submitted by chairs of the department from eligible universities, or their designated contact.

How should applications be submitted?

Google will provide information about how applications should be submitted in November 2015.

In what format should the application materials be?

All documents submitted should be in PDF format.

Are international students eligible for a Google Fellowship?

Yes, as long as the other eligibility criteria are met.

Can students apply directly for a fellowship?

No, students must be nominated by an eligible university in order to be considered.

How is the fellowship given?

Any monetary awards will be paid directly to the Fellow's university for distribution. The funds are given as an unrestricted gift and overhead should not be assessed against them.

What are the intellectual property implications of a Google Fellowship?

The funds are given as an unrestricted gift. Fellowship recipients are not subject to intellectual property restrictions unless they complete an internship at Google. If that is the case, they are subject to the same intellectual property restrictions as any other Google intern.

Will the fellowship recipients become employees of Google?

No, there will not be any employee relationship (except as an intern) between fellowship recipients and Google.

Can fellowship recipients also be considered for the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship or the Google Scholarship for Students with Disabilities?

Yes, fellowship recipients are eligible for these scholarships. For more information, please see the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship or the Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities.

When do the fellowships start?

The 2016 Google European Doctoral Fellowships should begin in academic year 2016, although may start later with the agreement of Google.

If you have any further questions about the Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme, please contact us at