Google App Engine Education Awards

Please note: The application deadline for this program has passed. No further calls are planned at this time.

Google App Engine Education Awards Program

Education has been core to Google’s commitment to make the world a better place. We deeply believe in developing services that improve and make a difference in people’s lives. Leading-edge technologies play a vital role in preparing students to excel and innovate in the workplace of the future.

The goal of the Google App Engine Education Awards program is to assist in and inspire knowledge exploration by offering access to the Google App Engine infrastructure to higher education faculty and students for coursework and student projects.

About Google App Engine

App Engine is an easy way to teach anyone - from first time programmers to advanced students - about complex large-scale projects. You don’t have to set up an infrastructure; your web applications run on Google's infrastructure. There are no servers to maintain: You just upload your application, and it's ready to serve your users. Google App Engine can be used to build mobile or social applications, traditional web browser-based applications, or standalone web services.

Award information

Awards will be given to individual educators.  If selected, each professor receives $1,000 in App Engine credits which can be distributed to up to 10 applications.  These credits are donated on top of the already free App Engine quotas available to all users.

Awarded Google App Engine credits can only be used for the proposed project.  The award start date is flexible, but the awarded Google App Engine credits must be used within 12 consecutive months. Awardees are responsible for any usage costs that exceed the awarded amount. Unused credits will expire at the end of 12 months.

Google App Engine Education Awards are unrestricted gifts. At the completion of the project we prefer that coursework, curricula, tools and applications(s) are open sourced and made freely available to the academic community. Please see these FAQs for more program details.


Google App Engine Education Awards are open to full-time faculty or staff at an accredited academic institution in the United States, such as a college or university.  Successful applicants will be required to agree to the App Engine Terms of Service.

We will fund projects that create tools, applications and curriculum that can be used by other educators in their own teaching environments. Proposed projects must support either teaching or learning activities. Below are some examples of Google App Engine uses in an educational context.  These are only suggestions and are not intended to limit other creative adoptions:

Services included in the Award

Google App Engine enables users to build and host web apps on the same computing infrastructure that powers Google applications.Beyond fast development and deployment, Google App Engine offers simple administration, with no need to worry about hardware, patches or backups. Besides building web apps, Google App Engine services also include automated scalability, full text search, Google Cloud SQL, Memcache, App Engine MapReduce. Your web application can run in one of three runtime environments: the Go, Java or Python environment.

More information can be found on the Google Developers website. General questions are addressed in the App Engine FAQs.

Award Extensions

After one year,  an awardee may apply for an award renewal of the original project for an additional $1,000 for 12 months. Any original project may qualify. Renewal decisions will be at the sole discretion of Google and will be based on community interest, number of page views (or users), overall project progress or potential impact. All unused credits will expire at the end of the twelfth month. New projects are not eligible for an extension.

How to Apply

To apply, please fill out this form.

Important Information

Educational institutions may have ethics rules that restrict the ability of employees to participate in certain events. By submitting a proposal, the applicant certifies that the entry complies with the institution’s rules and regulations. Successful applicants must also confirm that they can accept the Google App Engine credits described in this RFP. Furthermore, non-U.S. nationals should confirm such acceptance complies with all applicable laws, including anti-bribery laws in their country of nationality. By participating in this program, you agree that all award decisions are solely within Google’s discretion. In addition, you agree not to challenge or dispute Google’s decision to award or not award Google App Engine credits. Certain tax documentation, such as an IRS Form W-9 or similar certification for non-US award recipients, will be required for anyone receiving Google App Engine credits.  Please note that Google cannot accept any proposal containing confidential or proprietary information, as such all information included in the proposal will be deemed non-confidential.  Google may independently conduct similar development and will own the intellectual property rights in the application(s) or content Google creates.


Proposals will be accepted electronically starting today (no paper applications). The application deadline, August 31, 2012, has passed. No additional rounds are planned at this time.

For questions, please contact