Academic and External Research Support

Learn more about research and academic collaborations at Google

Google was born in Stanford's Computer Science department and the company has always maintained and valued strong relations with universities and research institutes. We run a variety of programs that provide funding and resources to the academic and external research community. Google, in turn, learns from the community through exposure to a broader set of ideas and approaches.

Award Programs

While research at Google is vast and varied, we also know that it's at universities where some of the most exciting and game-changing research in computer science and technology happens. We support academic communities to help further these innovations through our academic funding programs. Read more.

Student Support

We are eager to recognize the researchers and innovators of tomorrow. Our student programs provide support through fellowships, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. Read more.

Tools and Resources

Researchers here benefit from Google's incredible scale and infrastructure, and our vast set of tools. We are happy to be able to provide some of these as services to academic and external researchers.

Google also has a variety of products and resources aimed to help students, teachers, schools, and universities in their pursuit of education. Read more.

Workshops & Conferences

Each year Google hosts faculty summits and workshops, and sponsors many research symposia that highlight the latest and best research across computer science. These activities are a great way for us to collaborate with and learn from our academic colleagues; they also give the academic community the opportunity to learn more about our challenges, as well as our innovation and technology. Read more.

Google's culture is academic at its core. Our founders were PhD students when they created our initial search engine. That spirit of curiosity and exploration is what drives our researchers and engineers to take what our founders conceived to the next level. We encourage that spirit by maintaining strong relationships with our academic colleagues, and supporting their work though collaboration and a variety of funding opportunities.

  • Maggie Johnson
  • Director of Education and University Relations

Global Outreach

At Google we are excited to support the university research, academic development and technological innovation that happens across the globe. We have teams in China, EMEA, Australia, New Zealand, India and North America who build and maintain relationships with university research and faculty in their regions.

In EMEA, the focus is on state-of-the-art research at European and Middle Eastern universities, as well as academic development programs across all EMEA.

Similarly, our group in Japan concentrates on extending our global programs to the top universities in and around Tokyo.

Our China team focuses on academic development and research through a variety of regional programs, including curriculum development and faculty training.

In Australia and New Zealand the focus is on excellence in research at leading universities, academic development programs, and STEM outreach initiatives.

Our team in India focuses on promoting state-of-the-art research at Indian universities and academic development programs that use the Internet to reach a large number of students and faculty.