Student Support

We are excited to support the students who represent the researchers of the future. For current students, we offer numerous types of fellowships, scholarships, internships and other opportunities.

Graduate Fellowships

The Google Fellowship Programs recognize outstanding graduate students doing exceptional work in computer science, related disciplines, or promising research areas. We offer fellowships globally in the United States and Canada, Europe and the Middle East, Australia, India, and China.


Google offers internship opportunities throughout the year. At present, we have opportunities for students in multiple disciplines – including CS, EE, Maths, Physics – so students studying a variety of subjects are encouraged to apply.


Google's annual CS4HS (Computer Science For High Schools) grant is designed to increase awareness of and interest in Computer Science amongst high school and primary school students through the help of their teachers. The program connects teachers with university academics who provide them with the training and resources they need to teach Computer Science in fun and relevant ways. Successful CS4HS projects meet stringent criteria related to scalability, diversity inclusion, impact and accessibility. Also, they must follow a 'teach the teacher' model, through which high school teachers gain the understanding and experience needed to filter new skills and ideas to multiple groups of students and peers. If you're a Computer Science academic with a vanguard plan to spread CS to a younger generation, we want to hear from you!

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As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing computing and technology, we provide scholarships to encourage students to excel in their studies and become role models and leaders.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code introduces students to open source development and real-world programming challenges by providing funding to participating organizations to support student work on open source projects. We've already seen more than 6000 students successfully complete the program, and we have provided more than $30 million in open source funding through a combination of student stipends and donations to the participating open source organizations. Visit the Google Summer of Code website for more details.

Student Travel Grants

The Google India Conference Travel Grants program aims to support students in India who have their research papers accepted at top international conferences.