Economics and Electronic Commerce

100 Publications


    Collaboration in the Cloud at Google

    Yunting Sun, Diane Lambert, Makoto Uchida, Nicolas Remy (2014), pp. 1-13


    Data enrichment for incremental reach estimation

    Aiyou Chen, Jim Koehler, Art Owen, Nicolas Remy, Minghui Shi

    Google Inc. (2014), pp. 1-21 (to appear)


    Machine Learning in an Auction Environment

    Patrick Hummel, Preston McAfee

    Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on the World Wide Web (WWW) (2014), pp. 7-18


    Price Competition in Online Combinatorial Markets

    Moshe Babaioff, Renato Paes Leme, Noam Nisan

    Proceedings of the 23st World Wide Web Conference 2014


    A Method for Measuring Online Audiences

    Jim Koehler, Evgeny Skvortsov, Wiesner Vos

    Google Inc (2013), pp. 1-24 (to appear)


    Ad Click Prediction: a View from the Trenches

    H. Brendan McMahan, Gary Holt, D. Sculley, Michael Young, Dietmar Ebner, Julian Grady, Lan Nie, Todd Phillips, Eugene Davydov, Daniel Golovin, Sharat Chikkerur, Dan Liu, Martin Wattenberg, Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson, Tom Boulos, Jeremy Kubica

    Proceedings of the 19th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) (2013)


    Clinching Auctions with Online Supply

    Gagan Goel, Vahab Mirrokni, Renato Paes Leme

    SODA (2013), pp. 605-619


    Conjoint Analysis in R … Now with Individual-Level Utilities and Survey Mockups

    Chris Chapman, Steven Ellis

    American Marketing Association Advanced Research Techniques Forum (2013), Poster


    Designing Markets for Daily Deals

    Yang Cai, Mohammad Mahdian, Aranyak Mehta, Bo Waggoner

    Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE) (2013) (to appear)



    Michael Schwarz, Alex Frankel

    Economic Inquiry (2013) (to appear)


    Incremental Clicks Impact of Mobile Search Advertising

    Shaun Lysen

    Google, Inc. (2013)


    Inferring causal impact using Bayesian structural time-series models

    Kay H. Brodersen, Fabian Gallusser, Jim Koehler, Nicolas Remy, Steven L. Scott

    Google, Inc. (2013)


    Mechanism Design for Fair Division: Allocating Divisible Items without Payments

    Richard Cole, Vasilis Gkatzelis, Gagan Goel

    EC 2013, ACM


    Nine things clients get wrong about conjoint analysis

    Chris Chapman

    Proceedings of the 2013 Sawtooth Software Conference, Sawtooth Software


    Online Matching and Ad Allocation

    Aranyak Mehta

    Foundations and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 8 (4) (2013), pp. 265-368


    Optimizing Budget Constrained Spend in Search Advertising

    Chinmay Karande, Aranyak Mehta, Ramakrishnan Srikant

    Sixth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, WSDM 2013, ACM, pp. 697-706


    Performance tournaments with crowdsourced judges

    Daryl Pregibon, Williiam D Heavlin

    Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, section on marketing statistics, American Statistical Association, 732 North Washtington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-1943 (2013)


    Positive Results for Mechanism Design without Money

    Richard Cole, Vasilis Gkatzelis, Gagan Goel

    AAMAS (2013)


    Predicting the Present with Bayesian Structural Time Series

    Steven L. Scott, Hal Varian

    International Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Optimisation (2013) (to appear)


    Revenue Maximization with Nonexcludable Goods

    Mohammadhossein Bateni, Nima Haghpanah, Balasubramanian Sivan, Morteza Zadimoghaddam

    Internet and Network Economics - 9th International Workshop, WINE 2013, Springer (to appear)


    Submodular secretary problems with extensions

    Mohammadhossein Bateni, MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Morteza Zadimoghaddam

    ACM Transactions on Algorithms, vol. 9 (4) (2013)


    The Network Value of Products

    Gal Oestreicher-Singer, Barak Libai, Liron Sivan, Eyal Carmi, Ohad Yassin

    Journal of Marketing, vol. 77(3) (2013), pp. 1-14


    The Optimal Mix of TV and Online Ads to Maximize Reach

    Yuxue Jin, Jim Koehler, Georg M. Goerg, Nicolas Remy, 76 Ninth Avenue (2013), pp. 1-16


    Unlocking the Potential of Conjoint Analysis/Discrete Choice Modeling and MaxDiff Scaling in Public Opinion and Survey Research

    Steven Ellis, Mario Callegaro, Chris Chapman

    American Association for Public Opinion Research (2013), Panel


    Whole-page optimization and submodular welfare maximization with online bidders

    Nikhil Devanur, Zhiyi Huang, Nitish Korula, Vahab Mirrokni, Qiqi Yan

    ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC) 2013, pp. 305-322


    A Theoretical Examination of Practical Game Playing: Lookahead Search

    Vahab S. Mirrokni, Nithum Thain, Adrian Vetta

    SAGT (2012), pp. 251-262


    Ad auctions with data

    Hu Fu, Patrick R. Jordan, Mohammad Mahdian, Uri Nadav, Inbal Talgam-Cohen, Sergei Vassilvitskii

    INFOCOM Workshops (2012), pp. 184-189


    Ad serving using a compact allocation plan

    Peiji Chen, Wenjing Ma, Srinath Mandalapu, Chandrashekhar Nagarjan, Jayavel Shanmugasundaram, Sergei Vassilvitskii, Erik Vee, Manfai Yu, Jason Zien

    Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, ACM, New York, NY, USA (2012), pp. 319-336


    An Overview of Practical Exchange Design

    R. Preston McAfee, Sergei Vassilvitskii

    Current Science, vol. 103, no.9 (2012), pp. 1056-1063


    Budget Optimization for Online Campaigns with Positive Carryover Effects

    Nikolay Archak, Vahab S. Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan

    WINE (2012), pp. 86-99


    Budget-Constrained Auctions with Heterogeneous Items

    Sayan Bhattacharya, Gagan Goel, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Kamesh Munagala

    Theory of Computing, vol. 8 (2012), pp. 429-460


    Convergence and approximation in potential games

    George Christodoulou, Vahab S. Mirrokni, Anastasios Sidiropoulos

    Theor. Comput. Sci., vol. 438 (2012), pp. 13-27


    How to approximate optimal auctions

    Nima Haghpanah, Nicole Immorlica, Vahab S. Mirrokni, Kamesh Munagala

    SIGecom Exchanges, vol. 11 (2012), pp. 30-33


    How well can congestion pricing neutralize denial of service attacks?

    Ashish Vulimiri, Gul A. Agha, Philip Brighten Godfrey, Karthik Lakshminarayanan

    Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGMETRICS/PERFORMANCE joint international conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems, ACM, New York, NY, USA (2012), pp. 137-150


    Matching with our Eyes Closed

    Gagan Goel, Pushkar Tripathi

    FOCS (2012)


    On Fixed-Price Marketing for Goods with Positive Network Externalities

    Vahab S. Mirrokni, Sebastien Roch, Mukund Sundararajan

    WINE (2012), pp. 532-538


    On the Non-progressive Spread of Influence through Social Networks

    MohammadAmin Fazli, Mohammad Ghodsi, Jafar Habibi, Pooya Jalaly Khalilabad, Vahab Mirrokni, Sina Sadeghian

    LATIN (2012)


    Online Matching with Stochastic Rewards

    Aranyak Mehta, Debmalya Panigrahi

    Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), IEEE (2012)


    Online allocation of display ads with smooth delivery

    Anand Bhalgat, Jon Feldman, Vahab S. Mirrokni

    KDD (2012), pp. 1213-1221


    Periodic Measurement of Advertising Effectiveness Using Multiple-Test-Period Geo Experiments

    Jon Vaver, Jim Koehler

    Google Inc. (2012)


    Polyhedral clinching auctions and the adwords polytope

    Gagan Goel, Vahab Mirrokni, Renato Paes Leme

    STOC, ACM (2012), pp. 107-122


    Quantum money from knots

    Edward Farhi, David Gosset, Avinatan Hassidim, Andrew Lutomirski, Peter Shor

    Proceedings of the 3rd Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference, ACM, New York, NY, USA (2012), pp. 276-289


    Risk-Aware Revenue Maximization in Display Advertising

    William D. Heavlin, Ana Radovanovic

    WWW (2012) (to appear)


    Smart Pricing Grows the Pie

    Guy Calvert

    Google, Inc (2012)


    The Incremental Reach and Cost Efficiency of Online Video Ads over TV Ads

    Yuxue Jin, Sheethal Shobowale, Jim Koehler, Harry Case

    Google Inc (2012), pp. 1-17


    To match or not to match: economics of cookie matching in online advertising

    Mohammad Mahdian, Arpita Ghosh, Preston McAfee, Sergei Vassilvitskii

    Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, ACM, New York, NY, USA (2012), pp. 741-753


    Understanding Cyclic Trends in Social Choices

    Anish Das Sarma, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Rina Panigrahy, Li Zhang

    WSDM (2012) (to appear)


    Crowdsourcing the process of scientific publishing

    Atish Das Sarma, Luca de Alfaro

    Google, Inc. (2011)


    Incentives for Answering Hypothetical Questions

    Radu Jurca, Boi Faltings

    Workshop on Social Computing and User Generated Content (2011)


    Incremental Clicks: The Impact of Search Advertising

    David X. Chan, Yuan Yuan, Jim Koehler, Deepak Kumar

    Journal of Advertising Research, vol. 51, no. 4 (2011), pp. 643-647


    Measuring Ad Effectiveness Using Geo Experiments

    Jon Vaver, Jim Koehler

    Google Inc. (2011)


    Multitaskers May be Advertisers' Best Audience

    Dan Zigmond, Horst Stipp, Open

    Harvard Business Review, vol. January--February (2011)


    Non-Price Equilibria in Markets of Discrete Goods

    Avinatan Hassidim, Haim Kaplan, Yishay Mansour, Noam Nisan

    EC (2011)


    Online Stochastic Weighted Matching: Improved Approximation Algorithms

    Bernard Haeupler, Vahab Mirrokni, Morteza Zadimoghaddam

    Workshop of Network and Internet Economics (WINE) 2011


    Optimal Auctions with Positive Network Externalities

    Nima Haghpanah, Nicole Immorlica, Vahab Mirrokni, K. Munagala

    ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (2011)


    Yield Optimization of Display Advertising with Ad Exchange

    Santiago Balseiro, Jon Feldman, Vahab Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan

    ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (2011)


    Assessing a New Advertising Effect: Measurement of the Impact of Television Commercials on Internet Search Queries

    Dan Zigmond, Horst Stipp

    Journal of Advertising Research, vol. 50 (2010), pp. 162-168


    Auctions with intermediaries: extended abstract

    Jon Feldman, Vahab S. Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan, Mallesh M. Pai

    ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (2010), pp. 23-32


    Equilibrium Pricing with Positive Externalities (Extended Abstract)

    Nima Anari, Shayan Ehsani, Mohammad Ghodsi, Nima Haghpanah, Nicole Immorlica, Hamid Mahini, Vahab Mirrokni

    WINE (2010), pp. 424-431


    Media agenda setting and online search traffic: Influences of online and traditional media

    Laura Ann Granka

    American Political Science Association, American Political Science Association (2010)


    Mining advertiser-specific user behavior using adfactors

    Nikolay Archak, Vahab S. Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan

    WWW (2010), pp. 31-40


    Online Stochastic Packing Applied to Display Ad Allocation

    Jon Feldman, Monika Henzinger, Nitish Korula, Vahab S. Mirrokni, Clifford Stein

    ESA (1) (2010), pp. 182-194


    Optimal Iterative Pricing over Social Networks (Extended Abstract)

    Hessameddin Akhlaghpour, Mohammad Ghodsi, Nima Haghpanah, Vahab Mirrokni, Hamid Mahini, Afshin Nikzad

    WINE (2010), pp. 415-423


    Optimal marketing and pricing over social networks

    Nicole Immorlica, Vahab S. Mirrokni

    WWW (2010), pp. 1349-1350


    Quasi-Proportional Mechanisms: Prior-free Revenue Maximization

    Vahab S. Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan, Uri Nadav

    Latin (2010), to appear


    RDRP: Reward-Driven Request Prioritization for e-Commerce Web Sites

    Alexander Totok, Vijay Karamcheti

    Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, vol. 9 (2010), pp. 549-561


    Reporting Incentives and Biases in Online Review Forums.

    Radu Jurca, Florent Garcin, Arjun Talwar, Boi Faltings

    ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB), vol. 4 (2010)


    Single Parameter Combinatorial Auctions with Partially Public Valuations

    Gagan Goel, Chinmay Karande, Lei Wang

    SAGT 2010


    Who’s calling? The impact of Caller ID on telephone survey response

    Mario Callegaro, Allan L. McCutcheon, Jack Ludwig

    Field Methods, vol. 22 (2010), pp. 175-191


    A Modular Approach to Roberts' Theorem

    Shahar Dobzinski, Noam Nisan

    SAGT '09: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg (2009), pp. 14-23


    Ad Exchanges: Research Issues

    S. N. Muthukrishnan

    Wine 2009: Proceedings of the 5th International Workkshop on Internet and Network Economics, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. 1-12


    An Online Mechanism for Ad Slot Reservations with Cancellations

    Florin Constantin, Jon Feldman, S. Muthukrishnan, Martin Pal

    Fourth Workshop on Ad Auctions; Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) (2009)


    Bid optimization for broad match ad auctions

    Eyal Even-Dar, Vahab S. Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan, Yishay Mansour, Uri Nadav

    WWW (2009), pp. 231-240


    Bidding on Configurations in Internet Ad Auctions

    S. N. Muthukrishnan

    COCOON '09: Proceedings of the 15th Annual International Conference on Computing and Combinatorics, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg (2009), pp. 1-6


    Coordination mechanisms for selfish scheduling

    Nicole Immorlica, Li (Erran) Li, Vahab S. Mirrokni, Andreas S. Schulz

    Theor. Comput. Sci., vol. 410 (2009), pp. 1589-1598


    Efficiency of (Revenue-)Optimal Mechanisms

    Gagan Aggarwal, Gagan Goel, Aranyak Mehta

    Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (2009)


    Free-Riding and Free-Labor in Combinatorial Agency

    Moshe Babaioff, Michal Feldman, Noam Nisan

    SAGT '09: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg (2009), pp. 109-121


    Google’s Auction for Radio and TV Ads

    Noam Nisan, Jason Bayer, Deepak Chandra, Tal Franji, Robert Gardner, Yossi Matias, Neil Rhodes, Misha Seltzer, Danny Tom, Hal Varian, Dan Zigmond

    Google, Inc. (2009)


    On the Predictability of Search Trends (manuscript)

    Yair Shimshoni, Niv Efron, Yossi Matias

    Google (2009)


    On the complexity of nash dynamics and sink equilibria

    Vahab S. Mirrokni, Alexander Skopalik

    ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (2009), pp. 1-10


    Online Ad Assignment with Free Disposal

    Jon Feldman, Nitish Korula, Vahab S. Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan, Martin Pál

    Workshop of Internet Economics (WINE) (2009), pp. 374-385


    Online Stochastic Matching: Beating 1-1/e

    Jon Feldman, Aranyak Mehta, Vahab Mirrokni, S. Muthukrishnan

    Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) (2009)


    Tutorial summary: Convergence of natural dynamics to equilibria

    Eyal Even-Dar, Vahab S. Mirrokni

    ICML (2009), pp. 173


    A Truthful Mechanism for Offline Ad Slot Scheduling

    Jon Feldman, S. Muthukrishnan, Evdokia Nikolova, Martin Pal

    Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory (2008)


    Algorithmic Methods for Sponsored Search Advertising

    Jon Feldman, S. Muthukrishnan

    Performance Modeling and Engineering (Proc. SIGMETRICS 2008 Tutorial Sessions), Springer, pp. 91-124


    Asynchronous Best-Reply Dynamics

    Noam Nisan, Michael Schapira, Aviv Zohar

    WINE '08: Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Internet and Network Economics, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg (2008), pp. 531-538


    Income Inequality in the Attention Economy

    Kevin S. McCurley

    Google, Inc. (2008)


    Online budgeted matching in random input models with applications to Adwords

    Gagan Goel, Aranyak Mehta

    Proc. 19th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, SIAM, San Francisco (2008), pp. 982-991


    Position Auctions with Bidder-Specific Minimum Prices

    Eyal Even-Dar, Jon Feldman, Yishay Mansour, S. Muthukrishnan

    Fourth Workshop on Ad Auctions; Workshop on Internet and Network Economics (WINE) (2008)


    Sponsored Search Auctions for Markovian Users

    Gagan Aggarwal, Jon Feldman, Martin Pal, S. Muthukrishnan

    Fourth Workshop on Ad Auctions; Workshop on Internet and Network Economics (WINE). (2008)


    Truthful opinions from the crowds

    Radu Jurca, Boi Faltings

    SIGecom Exch., vol. 7 (2008), pp. 1-4


    A Note on Maximizing the Spread of Influence in Social Networks

    Eyal Even-Dar, Asaf Shapira

    Internet and Network Economics (WINE), Springer, San Diego (2007), pp. 281-286


    Adwords Auctions with Decreasing Valuation Bids

    Gagan Goel, Aranyak Mehta

    Internet and Network Economics (WINE), Springer, San Diego (2007), pp. 335-340


    Budget Optimization in Search-Based Advertising Auctions

    Jon Feldman, S. Muthukrishnan, Martin Pál, Cliff Stein

    Proc. ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, ACM, San Diego (2007)


    Sponsored Search with Contexts

    Eyal Even-Dar, Michael Kearns, Jennifer Wortman

    Internet and Network Economics (WINE), Springer, San Diego (2007), pp. 312-317


    Stochastic Models for Budget Optimization in Search-Based Advertising

    S. Muthukrishnan, Martin Pál, Zoya Svitkina

    Internet and Network Economics (WINE), Springer, San Diego (2007), pp. 131-142


    Bidding to the Top: VCG and Equilibria of Position-Based Auctions

    Gagan Aggarwal, Jon Feldman, S. Muthukrishnan

    Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms (WAOA) (2006)


    How Friendships Form

    David Marmaros, Bruce Sacerdote

    The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 121 (2006)


    Playing games in many possible worlds

    Matt Lepinski, David Liben-Nowell, Seth Gilbert, April Rasala Lehman

    ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (2006), pp. 150-159


    Truthful auctions for pricing search keywords

    Gagan Aggarwal, Ashish Goel, Rajeev Motwani

    ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (2006), pp. 1-7