Google NYC Algorithms and Optimization

Graph Mining, Large-Scale Optimization, Market Algorithms

About our work

Our team comprises multiple overlapping research groups working on graph mining, large-scale optimization, and market algorithms. We collaborate closely with teams across Google, benefiting Ads, Search, YouTube, Play, Infrastructure, Geo, Social, Image Search, Cloud and more. Along with these collaborations, we perform research related to algorithmic foundations of machine learning, distributed optimization, economics, data mining, and data-driven optimization. Our researchers are involved in both long-term research efforts as well as immediate applications of our technology.

Examples of recent research interests of the NYC Algorithms and Optimization team include online ad allocation problems, distributed algorithms for large-scale graph mining, mechanism design for advertising exchanges, and robust and dynamic pricing for ad auctions.

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Our Research Groups

We build the most scalable library for graph algorithms and analysis and apply it to a multitude of Google products. We also perform research and publish in top conferences to advance the state of the art in large-scale graph algorithms.
We develop large-scale optimization techniques and use them to improve the efficiency and robustness of infrastructure at Google.
We analyze, design, and deliver economically and computationally efficient marketplaces across Google. Key among these are Display Ads research and Sponsored Search Advertising.

Some of Our Publications

Some of Our Team

Principal Research Scientist
“We have a unique research environment for combining theory and practice. While working on foundations of machine learning, data mining, and large-scale optimization, we get to bring algorithmic ideas to life in Google systems. We advance the state-of-the-art in CS theory by publishing in top conferences. And our research has immense impact through being deployed in numerous products, from Ads to Search, and from YouTube to data center infrastructure.”

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