Google Accelerated Science Team

About our work

Our mission is to increase the rate of scientific discovery with Google technologies, including machine learning, iterative prediction/experimentation in large combinatorial spaces, and large scale analysis and computation. We believe these will enable more effective high throughput research in many domains.

Using Google's unique expertise, technology and scale, we collaborate with world-class institutions on challenges with large scientific and humanitarian benefit, working closely with leading scientists who have deep domain expertise and proven experimental infrastructure.

Here's a small sample of our partners.

In Cell Screening:

In Cell State:

In Drug Discovery:

In Materials Science:

In Quantum Chemistry:

Some of Our Reseach Areas

Our projects span many fields of science, including biology, chemistry, materials science, and physics. We actively investigate new scientific problems in areas we haven't worked in yet, and maintain a flexible scope on a wide range of potential projects.

Some of Our Publications

Some of Our Team

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