Google Brain Team's Mission

The mission of the Brain team is "Make machines intelligent. Improve people's lives." We work to make machines intelligent by focusing on highly flexible models that learn their own features, end-to-end, and make efficient use of data and computation. This approach fits into the broader Deep Learning subfield of ML and ensures our work will ultimately make a difference for problems of practical importance. Furthermore, our expertise in systems complements this approach by allowing us to build tools to accelerate ML research and unlock its practical value for the world.

Researchers on the Brain team have the freedom to set their research agenda and to engage as much or as little as they wish with existing products, choosing between doing more basic, methodological research or more applied research as necessary to produce the most compelling results. Because many of the advances we develop today may take years to become useful, the team as a whole maintains a portfolio of projects across this spectrum. It is our philosophy that making substantive progress on hard applications can help drive and sharpen the research questions we study, and in turn scientific breakthroughs can spawn entirely new applications.

We firmly believe that openly disseminating research is critical to a healthy exchange of ideas, which in turn leads to rapid and innovative progress in the field as a whole. As such, we publish our research regularly in top machine learning venues and we release our tools, such as TensorFlow, as open source projects. Beyond simply disseminating our work, we also emphasize training new ML experts through internships and the Google Brain residency program.

By virtue of being part of Google and Alphabet, the Google Brain team has resources and access to projects impossible to find elsewhere. Our broad and fundamental research goals allow us to collaborate closely with and contribute uniquely to many different product teams across the company. As part of these collaborations, product teams have successfully deployed technology from Google Brain in numerous products. For example, Google Search, our speech recognition systems, Google Photos, Google Maps and Street View, Google Translate, Google Cloud’s Machine Learning offerings, YouTube, Gmail, DeepMind’s AlphaGo system, and many other products all make use of technology from the Google Brain team.

We are currently looking for researchers and software engineers. If you are interested in joining our team, apply here!