Pat Stephenson

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    Reliable Multicast between Micro-Kernels

    Robbert van Renesse, Kenneth P. Birman, Robert Cooper, Bradford B. Glade, Pat Stephenson

    USENIX Workshop on Microkernels and Other Kernel Architectures (1992), pp. 269-284


    The Cost of Order in Asynchronous Systems

    Aleta Ricciardi, Kenneth P. Birman, Pat Stephenson

    WDAG (1992), pp. 329-345


    Fast Causal Multicast

    Pat Stephenson, Kenneth P. Birman

    Operating Systems Review, vol. 25 (1991), pp. 75-79


    Lightweight Causal and Atomic Group Multicast

    Kenneth P. Birman, Andre Schiper, Pat Stephenson

    ACM Trans. Comput. Syst., vol. 9 (1991), pp. 272-314


    Fast causal multicast

    Pat Stephenson, Kenneth P. Birman

    ACM SIGOPS European Workshop (1990)


    Reliable Broadcasts and Communication Models: Tradeoffs and Lower Bounds

    Ozalp Babaoglu, Pat Stephenson, Rogerio Drummond

    Distributed Computing, vol. 2 (1988), pp. 177-189