Peng Dai

Peng Dai is a research software engineer at Google. His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and applications to Crowdsourcing. Together with Tammy Waterhouse and Praveen Paritosh, he founded and manages the Human Computation intergroup at Google. Before transferring to Research, he helped launched a large-scale crowdsourcing system widely used by Googlers. He received his PhD from the University of Washington in 2011, supervised by Daniel S. Weld and Mausam.

Google Publications


    And Now for Something Completely Different: Improving Crowdsourcing Workflows with Micro-Diversions

    Peng Dai, Jeffrey Rzeszotarski, Praveen Paritosh, Ed H. Chi

    CSCW (2015) (to appear)


    Handbook of Human Computation

    Pietro Michelucci, Peng Dai

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    Inserting Micro-Breaks into Crowdsourcing Workflows

    Jeffrey M. Rzeszotarski, Ed H. Chi, Praveen Paritosh, Peng Dai

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    POMDP-Based Control of Workflows for Crowdsourcing

    Peng Dai, Christopher H. Lin, Mausam, Daniel S. Weld

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    Reverse Iterative Deepening for Finite-Horizon MDPs with Large Branching Factors

    Andrey Kolobov, Peng Dai, Mausam, Daniel S Weld

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    Topological Value Iteration Algorithms

    Peng Dai, Mausam, Daniel S. Weld

    Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, vol. 42 (2011), pp. 181-209