Thomas Steiner

Thomas Steiner is a proud dad-of-three, a Customer Solutions Engineer at Google Germany GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, and a former Postdoctoral Researcher at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain and two Master of Computer Science degrees, one from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany and the other from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble (ENSIMAG), France. His main research interests these days are the Semantic Web, Online Social Networks, Multimedia Semantics, Linked Data, and the architectural style REST. In addition to that, he works on making the Internet a better place, tweets as @tomayac, and blogs at

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    Adding Realtime Coverage to the Google Knowledge Graph

    Thomas Steiner, Ruben Verborgh, Raphaël Troncy, Joaquim Gabarró, Rik Van de Walle

    International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos) (2012)


    Defining aesthetic principles for automatic media gallery layout for visual and audial event summarization based on social networks

    Thomas Steiner, Ruben Verborgh, Joaquim Gabarró, Rik Van de Walle

    QoMEX (2012), pp. 27-28


    Functional Composition of Sensor Web APIs

    Ruben Verborgh, Vincent Haerinck, Thomas Steiner, Davy Van Deursen, Sofie Van Hoecke, Jos De Roo, Rik Van de Walle, Joaquim Gabarró

    SSN (2012), pp. 65-80


    Functional descriptions as the bridge between hypermedia APIs and the Semantic Web

    Ruben Verborgh, Thomas Steiner, Davy Van Deursen, Sam Coppens, Joaquim Gabarró Vallés, Rik Van de Walle

    WS-REST (2012), pp. 33-40


    I-SEARCH: A Unified Framework for Multimodal Search and Retrieval

    Apostolos Axenopoulos, Petros Daras, Sotiris Malassiotis, Vincenzo Croce, Marilena Lazzaro, Jonas Etzold, Paul Grimm, Alberto Massari, Antonio Camurri, Thomas Steiner, Dimitrios Tzovaras

    Future Internet Assembly (2012), pp. 130-141


    One size does not fit all: multimodal search on mobile and desktop devices with the I-SEARCH search engine

    Thomas Steiner, Marilena Lazzaro, Francesco Saverio Nucci, Vincenzo Croce, Lorenzo Sutton, Alberto Massari, Antonio Camurri, Sabine Spiller, Anne Verroust-Blondet, Laurent Joyeux

    ICMR (2012), pp. 58


    Introducing a unified framework for content object description

    Petros Daras, Apostolos Axenopoulos, Vasilios Darlagiannis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Xavier Le Bourdon, Laurent Joyeux, Anne Verroust-Blondet, Vincenzo Croce, Thomas Steiner, Alberto Massari, Antonio Camurri, Steeve Morin, Amar-Djalil Mezaour, Lorenzo Sutton, Sabine Spiller

    IJMIS, vol. 2 (2011), pp. 351-375