Pi-Chuan Chang

Google Publications


    Deterministic Statistical Mapping of Sentences to Underspecified Semantics

    Hiyan Alshawi, Pi-Chuan Chang, Michael Ringgaard

    Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2011)


    Uptraining for Accurate Deterministic Question Parsing

    Slav Petrov, Pi-Chuan Chang, Michael Ringgaard, Hiyan Alshawi

    Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing (EMNLP '10)

Previous Publications


    Disambiguating DE for Chinese-English machine translation

    Pi-Chuan Chang, Dan Jurafsky, Christopher D Manning

    EACL (2009)


    Discriminative reordering with Chinese grammatical relations features

    Pi-Chuan Chang, Huihsin Tseng, Dan Jurafsky, Christopher D Manning

    NAACL HLT (2009)


    Improving Chinese-English machine translation through better source-side linguistic processing

    Pi-Chuan Chang

    Ph.D. Thesis (2009)


    Optimizing Chinese word segmentation for machine translation performance

    Pi-Chuan Chang, Michel Galley, Christopher D. Manning

    Association for Computational Linguistics (2008)


    Stanford University’s Chinese-to-English Statistical Machine Translation System for the 2008 NIST Evaluation

    Michel Galley, Pi-chuan Chang, Daniel Cer, Jenny R. Finkel, Christopher D. Manning

    The 2008 NIST Open Machine Translation Evaluation Meeting (2008)


    A discriminative syntactic word order model for machine translation

    Pi-Chuan Chang, Kristina Toutanova

    Association for Computational Linguistics, Prague, Czech Republic (2007), pp. 9-16


    Automatically Detecting Action Items in Audio Meeting Recordings

    William Morgan, Pi-Chuan Chang, Surabhi Gupta, Jason M. Brenier

    SIGdial, Association for Computational Linguistics, Sydney, Australia (2006), pp. 96-103


    A Conditional Random Field Word Segmenter for Sighan Bakeoff 2005

    Huihsin Tseng, Pichuan Chang, Galen Andrew, Daniel Jurafsky, Christopher Manning



    Improved Chinese Broadcast News Transcription by Language Modeling with Temporally Consistent Training Corpora and Iterative Phrase Extraction

    Pi-Chuan Chang, Shuo-Peng Liao, Lin-shan Lee

    Eurospeech/Interspeech, Geneva, Switzerland (2003)


    Improved language model adaptation using existing and derived external resources

    Pi-Chuan Chang, Lin-Shan Lee

    IEEE Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding, U.S. Virgin Islands (2003)