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    Feature-Guided Dynamic Texture Synthesis on Continuous Flows

    Rahul Narain, Vivek Kwatra, Huai-Ping Lee, Theodore Kim, Mark Carlson, Ming Lin

    EGSR '07 (2007)


    Texturing Fluids

    Vivek Kwatra, David Adalsteinsson, Theodore Kim, Nipun Kwatra, Mark Carlson, Ming Lin

    IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 13 (2007), pp. 939-952


    Semantic Photo Synthesis

    Matthew Johnson, Gabriel J. Brostow, Jamie Shotton, Ognjen Arandjelović, Vivek Kwatra, Roberto Cipolla

    Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. Eurographics), vol. 25 (2006), pp. 407-413


    Mixture Trees for Modeling and Fast Conditional Sampling with Applications in Vision and Graphics

    Frank Dellaert, Vivek Kwatra, Sang Min Oh

    CVPR '05: Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR'05) - Volume 1, IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, pp. 619-624


    Texture Optimization for Example-based Synthesis

    Vivek Kwatra, Irfan Essa, Aaron Bobick, Nipun Kwatra

    ACM Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2005 (2005)


    Novel Skeletal Representation For Articulated Creatures

    Gabriel J. Brostow, Irfan Essa, Drew Steedly, Vivek Kwatra

    ECCV04 (2004), Vol III: 66-78


    Graphcut Textures: Image and Video Synthesis Using Graph Cuts

    Vivek Kwatra, Arno Schödl, Irfan Essa, Greg Turk, Aaron Bobick

    ACM Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2003, vol. 22 (2003), pp. 277-286


    Space-Time Surface Simplification and Edgebreaker Compression for 2D Cel Animations

    Vivek Kwatra, Jarek Rossignac

    International Journal on Shape Modeling, vol. 8 (2002)


    Temporal Integration of Multiple Silhouette-based Body-part Hypotheses

    Vivek Kwatra, Aaron F. Bobick, Amos Y. Johnson

    IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (2001)