Laura A. Granka

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    The influence of task and gender on search and evaluation behavior using Google

    Lori Lorigo, Bing Pan, Helene Hembrooke, Thorsten Joachims, Laura A. Granka, Geri Gay

    Information Processing & Management, vol. 42 (2006), pp. 1123-1131


    Accurately interpreting clickthrough data as implicit feedback

    Thorsten Joachims, Laura A. Granka, Bing Pan, Helene Hembrooke, Geri Gay

    SIGIR (2005), pp. 154-161


    Let Me Count the Ways: Expression of Affinity in Computer-Mediated Communication and Face-to-Face Interaction.

    Joseph Walther, Tracy Loh, Laura Ann Granka

    Journal of Language and Social Psychology, vol. 24 (2005), pp. 36-65


    The effects of expertise and feedback on search term selection and subsequent learning

    Helene Hembrooke, Laura A. Granka, Geri Gay, Elizabeth D. Liddy

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    Eye-tracking analysis of user behavior in WWW search

    Laura A. Granka, Thorsten Joachims, Geri Gay

    SIGIR (2004), pp. 478-479


    The determinants of web page viewing behavior: an eye-tracking study

    Bing Pan, Helene Hembrooke, Geri Gay, Laura A. Granka, Matthew K. Feusner, Jill K. Newman

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    MetaTest: Evaluation of Metadata from Generation to Use

    Elizabeth D. Liddy, Eileen Allen, Christina M. Finneran, Geri Gay, Helene Hembrooke, Laura A. Granka

    JCDL (2003), pp. 398