Bhaskar Mehta

Bhaskar Mehta is a Principal Engineer/Director of Engineering at Google Inc. Mountain View. His research has focussed on recommender systems, and various ways to improve their accuracy and robustness. He has worked on various recommender systems at Google, and currently specializes in Location and Semantic meaning of Lat/longs for Place and User behavior analysis. He holds a B.Tech and M.Tech degree in CSE (IIT Delhi, thesis with S.N. Maheshwari) and a PhD in CS (Uni Duisburg, with Thomas Hofmann and Norbert Fuhr) and

His general research interests are Personalization and Recommender systems, Web Search algorithms and Web models, P2P and grid systems; data mining and statistical learning in application to Social media, social networks and personalized ranking.

Google Publications


    Attack Resistant Collaborative Filtering

    Bhaskar Mehta, Wolfgang Nejdl

    The 31st Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference (SIGIR) (2008)


    Detecting Image Spam using Visual Features and Near Duplicate Detection

    Bhaskar Mehta, Saurabh Nangia, Manish Gupta, Wolgang Nejdl

    Proceedings of WWW 2008

Previous Publications


    Robust Collaborative Filtering

    Bhaskar Mehta, Thomas Hofmann, Wolfgang Nejdl

    ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, ACM, Minneapolis, MN (2007), pp. 49-56