Robert Spalek

PhD in quantum computing at CWI and the University of Amsterdam (2002--2006). 1-year postdoc at UC Berkeley (2006--2007).

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    Any AND-OR formula of size N can be evaluated in time N^(½+o(1)) on a quantum computer.

    Andris Ambainis, Andrew M. Childs, Ben W. Reichardt, Robert Spalek, Shengyu Zhang

    SIAM Journal on Computing, vol. 39(6) (2010), pp. 2513-2530


    A New Quantum Lower Bound Method, with Applications to Direct Product Theorems and Time-Space Tradeoffs

    Andris Ambainis, Robert Spalek, Ronald de Wolf

    Algorithmica, vol. 55(3) (2009), 422–461


    A direct product theorem for discrepancy

    Troy Lee, Adi Shraibman, Robert Spalek

    Proc. of 23rd IEEE Complexity (CCC'08) (2008), pp. 71-80


    The Multiplicative Quantum Adversary

    Robert Spalek

    Proc. of 23rd IEEE Complexity (2008)