Vincent Scheib

Vincent works on Chrome, improving it as a platform for game applications. He previously worked for several years on the Gamebryo game engine and shipped several console game titles. He graduated from Ohio State and was a member of the GAMMA research group at UNC Chapel Hill.

Google Publications


    The Future of Browsers - A Primer for HTML5 and Other Modern Browser Game Technologies

    Vincent Scheib

    Game Developer Magazine, vol. 18 #5 (2011), pp. 35-41

Previous Publications


    Physically based virtual painting

    Ming C. Lin, William V. Baxter III, Vincent Scheib, Jeremy Wendt

    Commun. ACM, vol. 47 (2004), pp. 40-47


    Efficient Fitting and Rendering of Large Scattered Data Sets Using Subdivision Surfaces

    Vincent Scheib, Jörg Haber, Ming C. Lin, Hans-Peter Seidel

    Comput. Graph. Forum, vol. 21 #3 (2002)


    DAB: interactive haptic painting with 3D virtual brushes

    William V. Baxter III, Vincent Scheib, Ming C. Lin, Dinesh Manocha

    SIGGRAPH (2001), pp. 461-468