Jeongwoo Ko

Jeongwoo Ko received her PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, she is working on information retrieval at Google. Her research interests includes information retrieval, question answering, secure enterprise search, natural language processing, machine learning, entity extraction, multimodal mobile dialog system.

Google Publications


    Analysis of an Expert Search Query Log

    Yi Fang, Naveen Somasundaram, Luo Si, Jeongwoo Ko, Aditya P. Mathur

    SIGIR (2011)


    Combining Evidence with a Probabilistic Framework for Answer Ranking and Answer Merging in Question Answering

    Jeongwoo Ko, Luo Si, Eric Nyberg

    Information Processing and Management, vol. 46 (2010), pp. 541-554


    Probabilistic Models for Answer Ranking in Multilingual Question Answering

    Jeongwoo Ko, Luo Si, Eric Nyberg, Teruko Mitamura

    Transactions on Information Systems (2010)

Previous Publications


    The JAVELIN Question-Answering System at TREC 2002

    Eric Nyberg, Teruko Mitamura, Jaime G. Carbonell, James P. Callan, Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Krzysztof Czuba, Michael Duggan, Laurie Hiyakumoto, N. Hu, Yifen Huang, Jeongwoo Ko, Lucian Vlad Lita, S. Murtagh, Vasco Pedro, David Svoboda

    TREC (2002)