Diane Lambert

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    Adaptive thresholds: Monitoring streams of network counts online

    Diane Lambert, Chuanhai Liu

    Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 101 (2006), pp. 78-89


    Detecting Fraud in the Real World

    Michael Cahill, Fei Chen, Diane Lambert, Jose Pinheiro, Don Sun

    Handbook of Massive Datasets, Klewer Academic Publishers (2002), pp. 911-930


    Estimating Millions of Dynamic Timing Patterns in Real-TIme

    Diane Lambert, Jose C. Pinheiro, Don X. Sun

    Journal of the American Statistical Associatiooon, vol. 96 (2001), pp. 316-330


    Mining a stream of transactions for customer patterns

    Diane Lambert, José C. Pinheiro

    KDD (2001), pp. 305-310


    Incremental quantile estimation for massive tracking

    Fei Chen, Diane Lambert, Jose C. Pinhei

    KDD (2000), pp. 516-522


    What Use is Statistics for Massive Data?

    Diane Lambert

    ACM SIGMOD Workshop on Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (2000), pp. 54-62