Mei Han

Mei Han is a research scientist at Google. She has published over 30 conference and journal papers on video analysis, visual tracking, object detection, geometric modeling, image processing, computer vision, multimedia processing and computer graphics. Prior to joining Google, she held the position of research staff member at NEC Labs America. Technologies developed by Dr. Han and her colleagues are at the core of the company Vidient's innovative surveillance products. Mei Han holds Doctorates in Robotics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and Tsinghua University.

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    Multi-object Trajectory Tracking

    Mei Han, Wei Xu, Hai Tao, Yihong Gong

    The Machine Vision and Applications, vol. 18 (2007), pp. 221-232


    An Algorithm for Multiple Object Trajectory Tracking

    Mei Han, Wei Xu, Hai Tao, Yihong Gong

    CVPR (1) (2004), pp. 864-871


    Maximum entropy model-based baseball highlight detection and classification

    Yihong Gong, Mei Han, Wei Hua, Wei Xu

    Computer Vision and Image Understanding, vol. 96 (2004), pp. 181-199


    Reconstruction of a Scene with Multiple Linearly Moving Objects

    Mei Han, Takeo Kanade

    International Journal of Computer Vision, vol. 59 (2004)


    An integrated baseball digest system using maximum entropy method

    Mei Han, Wei Hua, Wei Xu, Yihong Gong

    ACM Multimedia (2002), pp. 347-350