Troy T. Chinen

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    Visual Comparison Of JPEG 2000 Versus Conventional JPEG

    Troy Chinen

    International Conference on Image Processing (2003), pp. 283-286


    An Overview of Quantization in JPEG-2000

    Michael Marcellin, Margaret Lepley, Tom Flohr, Troy Chinen, James Kasner

    Signal Processing: Image Communications, vol. 17 (2001), pp. 73-84


    TCQ in JPEG-2000

    Troy Chinen, Thomas J. Flohr, Michael W. Marcellin

    SPIE (2000), pp. 552-560


    Extension of Spatial Sharpening Techniques to Hyperspectral Data

    Timothy J. Patterson, Lester Gong, Robert Haxton, Troy T. Chinen

    Proc. SPIE (1998), pp. 114-122


    A performance analysis of fast Gabor transform methods

    Troy T. Chinen, Todd R. Reed

    Graphical models and image processing, vol. 59 (1997), pp. 117-127