Ramprasad Venkataraman

Ram works on large scale distributed software systems for resilient, near-real-time event processing at Google. His interests lie at the confluence of parallel algorithms for high performance computing applications, runtime systems for managing concurrency, scalability and performance. He is excited by trends at both ends of the computing spectrum: from multicore devices to extreme scale top500 supercomputers. Prior to joining Google, Ram worked in the context of scientific and numerical HPC. He has contributed to the Charm++ parallel programming framework, and to petascale computational software for several scientific domains.

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    OpenAtom: Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics for Petascale Platforms

    Glenn Martyna, Eric Bohm, Ramprasad Venkataraman, Laxmikant Kale, Abhinav Bhatele

    Parallel Science and Engineering Applications: The Charm++ Approach, CRC Press (2013), pp. 79-104


    Parallel Branch-and-Bound for Two-Stage Stochastic Integer Optimization

    Akhil Langer, Ramprasad Venkataraman, Udatta Palekar, Laxmikant Kale

    IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC) (2013), pp. 266 - 275


    Mapping Dense LU Factorization on Multicore Supercomputer Nodes

    Jonathan Lifflander, Phil Miller, Ramprasad Venkataraman, Anshu Arya, T Jones, Laxmikant Kale

    IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS) (2012), pp. 596 - 606


    Charm++ for Productivity and Performance: A Submission to the 2011 HPC Class II Challenge

    Laxmikant Kale, Ramprasad Venkataraman, et al

    University of Illinois (2011)