Radhika Niranjan Mysore

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    TritonSort: A balanced and energy-efficient large-scale sorting system

    Alexander Rasmussen, George Porter, Michael Conley, Harsha Madhyastha, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Alexander Pucher, Amin Vahdat

    ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, vol. 31 (2013)


    Brief Announcement: A Randomized Algorithm for Label Assignment in Dynamic Networks

    Meg Walraed-Sullivan, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Keith Marzullo, Amin Vahdat

    DISC (2011), pp. 326-327


    Scale-Out Networking in the Data Center

    Amin Vahdat, Mohammad Al-Fares, Nathan Farrington, Radhika Niranjan Mysore, George Porter, Sivasankar Radhakrishnan

    IEEE Micro, vol. 30 (2010), pp. 29-41


    PortLand: a scalable fault-tolerant layer 2 data center network fabric

    Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Andreas Pamboris, Nathan Farrington, Nelson Huang, Pardis Miri, Sivasankar Radhakrishnan, Vikram Subramanya, Amin Vahdat

    SIGCOMM (2009), pp. 39-50