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    Understanding negotiation in airtime sharing in low-income microenterprises

    Nithya Sambasivan, Edward Cutrell

    CHI (2012), pp. 791-800


    Cutting Chai, Jugaad, and Here Pheri: towards UbiComp for a global community

    Nimmi Rangaswamy, Nithya Sambasivan

    Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, vol. 15 (2011), pp. 553-564


    Designing a phone broadcasting system for urban sex workers in India

    Nithya Sambasivan, Julie Weber, Edward Cutrell

    CHI (2011), pp. 267-276


    Infrastructures for low-cost laptop use in Mexican schools

    Ruy Cervantes, Mark Warschauer, Bonnie A. Nardi, Nithya Sambasivan

    CHI (2011), pp. 945-954


    ViralVCD: tracing information-diffusion paths with low cost media in developing communities

    Nithya Sambasivan, Ed Cutrell, Kentaro Toyama

    CHI (2010), pp. 2607-2610


    Intermediated technology use in developing communities

    Nithya Sambasivan, Ed Cutrell, Kentaro Toyama, Bonnie A. Nardi

    CHI (2010), pp. 2583-2592


    The Human Infrastructure of ICTD

    Nithya Sambasivan, Thomas Smyth

    ICTD (2010)


    Ubicomp4D: infrastructure and interaction for international development--the case of urban indian slums

    Nithya Sambasivan, Nimmi Rangaswamy, Ed Cutrell, Bonnie A. Nardi

    UbiComp (2009), pp. 155-164


    Under Development - Encountering development ethnographically

    Nithya Sambasivan, Nimmi Rangaswamy, Kentaro Toyama, Bonnie A. Nardi

    Interactions, vol. 16 (2009), pp. 20-23