Mohsen Vakilian

Mohsen Vakilian obtained a PhD and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014 and 2009, respectively. At Illinois, he worked with Ralph Johnson on software refactoring. Prior to Illinois, he obtained a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Tehran in 2007. Mohsen is broadly interested in software evolution, which spans areas of research such as refactoring, human-centered software engineering, empirical software engineering, testing, parallelism, program analysis, and type inference.

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Previous Publications


    Alternate refactoring paths reveal usability problems

    Mohsen Vakilian, Ralph E. Johnson

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    A Comparative Study of Manual and Automated Refactorings

    Stas Negara, Nicholas Chen, Mohsen Vakilian, Ralph E. Johnson, Danny Dig

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    Mohsen Vakilian, Nicholas Chen, Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam, Stas Negara, Ralph E. Johnson

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    Stas Negara, Mohsen Vakilian, Nicholas Chen, Ralph E. Johnson, Danny Dig

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    Keshmesh: a tool for detecting and fixing java concurrency bug patterns

    Mohsen Vakilian, Stas Negara, Samira Tasharofi, Ralph E. Johnson

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    The need for richer refactoring usage data

    Mohsen Vakilian, Nicholas Chen, Stas Negara, Balaji Ambresh Rajkumar, Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam, Ralph E. Johnson

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    A type and effect system for deterministic parallel Java

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    Inferring Method Effect Summaries for Nested Heap Regions

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    Modeling Web Service Interactions Using the Coordination Language Reo

    Samira Tasharofi, Mohsen Vakilian, Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam, Marjan Sirjani

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