Jonathan Huang

I am a research scientist at Google working on machine learning and computer vision and NLP projects. Most recently, I led the team that won 1st place in the COCO object detection challenge. Prior to Google, I was a postdoctoral fellow working in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University and was supported by an NSF/CRA CI (Computing Innovations) fellowship. At Stanford I was a member of the Geometric Computation Group which is headed by Leonidas Guibas. I was also part of the Lytics Lab, a multidisciplinary group focused on Learning Analytics. A more complete publication list can be found at my personal webpage.

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    Hilbert space embeddings of conditional distributions with applications to dynamical systems

    Le Song, Jonathan Huang, Alexander J. Smola, Kenji Fukumizu

    ICML (2009), pp. 121