Joe Faith

I am currently a product manager with Google in London.

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    A survey of two-dimensional graph layout techniques for information visualisation

    Helen Gibson, Joe Faith, Paul Vickers

    Information Visualization (2012)


    Node-attribute Graph Layout for Small-World Networks

    Helen Gibson, Joe Faith

    IV (2011), pp. 482-487


    Predicting functional residues of protein sequence alignments as a feature selection task

    Chris Haddow, Justin Perry, Marcus Durrant, Joe Faith

    IJDMB, vol. 5 (2011), pp. 691-705


    The use of linear projections in the visual analysis of signals in an indoor optical wireless link

    Joe Faith, Sujan Rajbhandari

    CSNDSP (2010), pp. 576-581


    Classification of genes based on gene expression analysis

    Maia Angelova, Joe Faith, Chris Myers

    Physics of Atomic Nuclei (2008)


    Targeted Projection Pursuit for Interactive Exploration of High- Dimensional Data Sets

    Joe Faith

    IV (2007), pp. 286-292


    Targeted Projection Pursuit Tool for Gene Expression Visualisation

    Joe Faith, Michael Brockway

    J. Integrative Bioinformatics, vol. 3 (2006)


    Targeted projection pursuit for visualizing gene expression data classifications

    Joe Faith, Robert Mintram, Maia Angelova

    Bioinformatics, vol. 22 (2006), pp. 2667-2673


    Tabula Rasa: A Case Study in Evolutionary Curation

    Jon Bird, Joe Faith, Andy Webster

    EvoWorkshops (2003), pp. 479-489