Isabelle Stanton

Isabelle Stanton received her PhD from UC Berkeley and currently works on Search Quality.

Google Publications


    Circumlocution in Diagnostic Medical Queries

    Isabelle Stanton, Samuel Ieong, Nina Mishra

    The 37th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference (2014)


    Streaming Balanced Graph Partitioning for Random Graphs

    Isabelle Stanton

    Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) (2014)


    The Structure, Efficacy, and Manipulation of Double-Elimination Tournaments

    Isabelle Stanton, Virginia Vassilevska Williams

    Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sports (2013)

Previous Publications


    Streaming Graph Partitioning For Large Distributed Graphs

    Isabelle Stanton, Gabriel Kliot

    The 18th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, KDD (2012)