Igor Bilogrevic

As a research scientist in the privacy team, I work on machine learning and data mining techniques in order to build novel privacy and security features in our products. I have a PhD on the privacy of context-aware mobile networks from EPFL (Switzerland), where I investigated privacy issues at different layers of the network stack and proposed privacy-enhancing mechanisms for information-sharing that work across different layers.

From 2010 until 2012, I worked in collaboration with the Nokia Research Center on privacy challenges in pervasive mobile networks, encompassing data privacy, social community privacy, location privacy and information-sharing. In 2013, I spent the summer at PARC (a Xerox Company) on topics related to private data analytics. I am a co-inventor on several privacy-related patents.

I am interested in several domains that are related to privacy in data communications and mobile networks, including:

  • Applications of machine learning for privacy
  • Private data analytics
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Applied cryptography
  • Location privacy
  • User experience

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    A Machine-Learning Based Approach to Privacy-Aware Information-Sharing in Mobile Social Networks

    Igor Bilogrevic, Kevin Huguenin, Berker Agir, Murtuza Jadliwala, Maria Gazaki, Jean-Pierre Hubaux

    Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC) (2016)


    Predicting Users' Motivations behind Location Check-Ins and Utility Implications of Privacy Protection Mechanisms

    Igor Bilogrevic, Kevin Huguenin, Stefan Mihaila, Reza Shokri, Jean-Pierre Hubaux

    NDSS (2015)


    SecureRun: Cheat-Proof and Private Summaries for Location-Based Activities

    Anh Pham, Kevin Huguenin, Igor Bilogrevic, Jean-Pierre Hubaux

    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. PP (2015), pp. 1 - 14


    Secure and private proofs for location-based activity summaries in urban areas

    Anh Pham, Kevin Huguenin, Igor Bilogrevic, Jean-Pierre Hubaux

    Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (2014)