David Weiss

My work focus on improving machine learning for tough, practical applications that have difficult constraints. At Google I focus on getting ML to scale for natural language processing.

I completed my Ph.D in 2014 at the University of Pennsylvania with Ben Taskar as part of the GRASP Lab. Previously, I was a research specialist at the Princeton Computational Memory Lab, and I graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Neuroscience in 2007. My advisors were Dave Blei (CS) and Ken Norman (Psychology).

In my spare time, I enjoy partaking in machine learning competitions. Most recently, I won 2nd place in the CHALEARN Gesture Challenge as part of Team Pennect. Before that, I was a member of Team Dinosaur Planet, Grand Prize Team, and The Ensemble, the greatest Netflix Prize wrecking crew ever created. Our team was written up in the New York Times.

For more information see my personal website.

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