Daniel Keysers

Studied Computer Science in Aachen, Germany and Madrid, Spain; PhD in Computer Science (Image Understanding, Pattern Recognition), RWTH Aachen, Germany; PostDoc at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Kaiserslautern, Germany; Joined Google Zurich in 2007 as Software Engineer; projects: YouTube Content-ID, Handwriting Recognition; Natural Language Understanding

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    Features for image retrieval: an experimental comparison

    Thomas Deselaers, Daniel Keysers, Hermann Ney

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    Deformation models for image recognition

    Daniel Keysers, Thomas Deselaers, Christian Gollan, Hermann Ney

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    Discriminative Training for Object Recognition using Image Patches

    Thomas Deselaers, Daniel Keysers, Hermann Ney

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    Adaptation in Statistical Pattern Recognition Using Tangent Vectors

    Daniel Keysers, Wolfgang Macherey, Hermann Ney, Joerg Dahmen

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    Elastic image matching is NP-complete

    Daniel Keysers, Walter Unger

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    Maximum Entropy and Gaussian Models for Image Object Recognition

    Daniel Keysers, Franz Josef Och, Hermann Ney

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    Improving Automatic Speech Recognition Using Tangent Distance

    Wolfgang Macherey, Daniel Keysers, Joerg Dahmen, Hermann Ney

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    Learning of Variability for Invariant Statistical Pattern Recognition

    Daniel Keysers, Wolfgang Macherey, Joerg Dahmen, Hermann Ney

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