Da-Cheng Juan

Da-Cheng Juan is a software engineer at Google Research. Da-Cheng has worked on large-scale, semi-supervised learning with Expander, as well as personalized recommendation for computational advertising. Prior to joining Google, Da-Cheng received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014. His research interests include machine learning, convex optimization, and data mining.

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    Beyond poisson: Modeling inter-arrival time of requests in a datacenter

    Da-Cheng Juan, Lei Li, Huan-Kai Peng, Diana Marculescu, Christos Faloutsos

    Springer (2014), pp. 198-209


    A learning-based autoregressive model for fast transient thermal analysis of chip-multiprocessors

    Da-Cheng Juan, Huapeng Zhou, Diana Marculescu, Xin Li

    IEEE (2012), pp. 597-602


    Power-aware performance increase via core/uncore reinforcement control for chip-multiprocessors

    Da-Cheng Juan, Diana Marculescu

    ACM, pp. 97-102