Christian Daniel Howard

Christian Howard is a Research Communications manager at Google. Prior to joining Google in 2013, Christian worked for several years in the fields of Physics and Astronomy, receiving his Ph.D in Physics from UCLA in 2008.

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    Herschel Observations of Gas and Dust in the Unusual 49 Ceti Debris Disk

    Roberge, A., Kamp, I., Montesinos, B., Dent, W. R. F., Meeus, G., Donaldson, J. K., Olofsson, J., Moór, A., Augereau, J.-C., Howard, C., Eiroa, C., Thi, W.-F., Ardila, D. R., Sandell, G., Woitke, P.

    Publication: The Astrophysical Journal, vol. Volume 771, Issue 1, article id. 69 (2013), 10 pp.