Chip Killian

Since December 2012, I have been a Software Engineer at Google, working on Google's Platforms Networking team. Prior to that, I was an assistant professor of Computer Science at Purdue University from 2008-2012, after completing my PhD from UCSD in 2008 under Professor Amin Vahdat. While at Purdue, I was an NSF CAREER Award winner and an HP Open Innovation Award winner. Broadly, my research is in distributed systems, with a strong focus on the technologies and techniques to make it easier to design, develop, test, and debug distributed systems. My research started on the MACEDON project for building overlay networks, and evolved through the Mace project and the MaceMC model checker (Best paper award, NSDI 2007). While we continue to work on Mace and its extensions, these days our research has also grown to include data mining and log analysis to detect and diagnose problems in systems, and also the means by which to test systems under a variety of malicious conditions in an automated fashion. [Purdue Page]: [Purdue Research Group]: [Homepage]:

Google Publications

Previous Publications


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    Life, Death, and the Critical Transition: Finding Liveness Bugs in Systems Code (Awarded Best Paper)

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    Mace: language support for building distributed systems

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    Brief announcement: the overlay network content distribution problem

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