Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi is a software engineer at Google working on network load balancing and global frontend load balancing. Cheng joined Google in June 2014 after receiving his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Arizona. He is generally interested in networking, distributed networked systems and network function virtualization. Before joining Google he mainly worked on the Named Data Networking project. Cheng's complete publication list can be found on Google Scholar.

Google Publications


    Maglev: A Fast and Reliable Software Network Load Balancer

    Daniel E. Eisenbud, Cheng Yi, Carlo Contavalli, Cody Smith, Roman Kononov, Eric Mann-Hielscher, Ardas Cilingiroglu, Bin Cheyney, Wentao Shang, Jinnah Dylan Hosein

    13th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 16), USENIX Association, Santa Clara, CA (2016), pp. 523-535