Chao Chen

Chao Chen received the B.E. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Tsinghua University in 2006 and 2009, respectively. In 2009, he joined the Wireless Systems Innovation Laboratory (WSIL) and the Laboratory for Image & Video Engineering (LIVE) at The University of Texas at Austin, where he earned his Ph.D. degree in 2013. From 2013 to 2014, he was working in Qualcomm Incorporated at San Diego as a senior engineer. He joined YouTube in 2015. His research interests include visual quality assessment, machine learning and optimization.

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Previous Publications


    Modeling the Time—Varying Subjective Quality of HTTP Video Streams With Rate Adaptations

    Chao Chen, Lark Kwon Choi, Gustavo de Veciana, Constantine Caramanis, Robert W. Heath Jr, Alan C. Bovik

    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 23 (2014) (to appear)


    Rate Adaptation and Admission Control for Video Transmission with Subjective Quality Constraints

    Chao Chen, Xiaoqing Zhu, Gustavo de Veciana, Alan C. Bovik, Robert W. Heath Jr.

    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, vol. 9 (2014) (to appear)


    A Dynamic System Model of Time-varying Subjective Quality of Video Streams over HTTP

    Chao Chen, Lark Kwon Choi, Gustavo de Veciana, Constantine Caramanis, Robert W Heath Jr., Alan C. Bovik

    International Conference on Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) (2013) (to appear)


    Markov Decision Model for Adaptive Scheduling of Stored Scalable Videos

    Chao Chen, Robert W Heath, Alan C Bovik, Gustavo de Veciana

    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. 23 (2013) (to appear)


    Adaptive Policies for Real-time Video Transmission: A Markov Decision Process Framework

    Chao Chen, Robert W. Heath Jr., Alan C. Bovik, Gustavo de Veciana

    18th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) (2011), pp. 2249-2252 (to appear)


    Slepian-Wolf Coding of Binary Finite Memory Sources Using Burrows Wheeler Transform

    Chao Chen, Xiangyang Ji, Qionghai Dai, Xiaodong Liu

    Data Compression Conference (2009), pp. 440 (to appear)


    Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Prediction Structures in Multi-view Video Coding

    Chao Chen, Yebin Liu, Qionghai Dai, Xiaodong Liu

    Multimedia and Expo, 2007 IEEE International Conference on (to appear)