Atul Adya

My area of expertise is distributed systems, and along with my teams, I have shipped several such highly-scalable systems. These systems are not only efficient/scalable but also provide good semantics to make it easy for an application programmer to use them. These systems are designed with 24/7 smooth operations in mind so that service disruptions are minimized. I have worked in the area of database systems, file systems, wireless networks, notification systems, and infrastructure for supporting sharded stateful servers. I have built several high-performing teams and I enjoy mentoring and guiding engineers to achieve their career goals.

Google Publications

Previous Publications


    Centrifuge: Integrated Lease Management and Partitioning for Cloud Services

    Atul Adya, John Dunagan, Alec Wolman

    7th Usenix Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 2010)


    Safe and Efficient Sharing of Persistent Objects in Thor

    Barbara Liskov, Atul Adya, Miguel Castro, Mark Day, Sanjay Ghemawat

    SIGMOD Conference (1996), pp. 318-329


    Efficient Optimistic Concurrency Control Using Loosely Synchronized Clocks

    Atul Adya, Bob Gruber, Barbara Liskov, Umesh Maheshwari

    SIGMOD Conference (1995), pp. 23-34