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    RACNet: a high-fidelity data center sensing network

    Chieh-Jan Mike Liang, Jie Liu, Liqian Luo, Andreas Terzis, Feng Zhao

    SenSys '09: Proceedings of the 7th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, ACM, New York, NY, USA (2009), pp. 15-28


    Peeking Through the Cloud

    Moheeb Abu Rajab, Fabian Monrose, Andreas Terzis, Niels Provos

    6th Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (2008)


    IRLSim: A General Purpose Packet Level Network Simulator

    Andreas Terzis, Konstantinos Nikoloudakis, Lan Wang, Lixia Zhang

    Annual Simulation Symposium (2000), pp. 109-120


    A New Proposal for RSVP Refreshes

    Lan Wang, Andreas Terzis, Lixia Zhang

    ICNP (1999), pp. 163-172