Big Picture Group Google Brain
Big Picture is now part of Google's People + AI Research.
This site is no longer maintained--
please see the PAIR site for our current work.
We explore how information visualization can make complex data accessible, useful, and even fun. Our focus is on ways to illuminate the data and algorithms used in machine intelligence.
open source hardware-accelerated machine intelligence library for the web
open source visualizations for machine learning datasets
a technique for better sensitivity masks
Embedding Projector
an open source, visualization tool for high-dimensional data
Embedding Projector
Fairness in ML
Try different tradeoffs yourself to understand issues around fairness and machine learning.
Fairness in ML
Machine Translation
Visualizing hints that a translation network learns an “interlingua”, or universal language.
Machine Translation
Geodetic Velocities Visualization
an open source visualization of earthquake cycle physics
Geodetic Velocities Visualization
TensorFlow Playground
an open source, transparent neural net you can play with in your browser
TensorFlow Playground
Unfiltered News
see news coverage around the world and spot underreported stories
(a collaboration with Jigsaw)
Unfiltered News
TensorFlow Graph Visualizer
an open source, high-level view of TensorFlow computation graphs
TensorFlow Graph Visualizer
(in Google Sheets Explore)
automatically generates graphs and charts of spreadsheet data tables
Autovis (in Google Sheets Explore)
Data Verbalization
(in Google Sheets Explore)
automatically generates verbal insights about your spreadsheet data
Data Verbalization (in Google Sheets Explore)
Periodic Table
a twist on the classic visualization of the atomic elements
Periodic table visualization
Music Timeline
see how different musical genres became popular over time, and discover artists in each genre
Music genres visualization
Digital Attack Map
see live data on denial-of-service attacks across the world, and observe historical patterns
DDoS attack map visualization
Google Dictionary
learn about the origin of words and how much they are used
Dictionary visualization
YouTube Trends Map
see the top trending YouTube videos all over the U.S.
YouTube trends visualization
Analytics Flow Vis
understand the flow of visitors through a website
Analytics traffic visualization
Google+ Ripples
watch information spread through the Google+ social network
Google+ Ripples visualization