Thad Hughes

Google Publications


    Recurrent Neural Networks for Voice Activity Detection

    Thad Hughes, Keir Mierle

    ICASSP, IEEE (2013), pp. 7378-7382


    Music Models for Music-Speech Separation

    Thad Hughes, Trausti Kristjansson

    ICASSP, IEEE (2012), pp. 4917-4920


    Spectral Intersections for Non-Stationary Signal Separation

    Trausti Kristjansson, Thad Hughes

    Proceedings of InterSpeech 2012, Portland, OR


    Building Transcribed Speech Corpora Quickly and Cheaply for Many Languages

    Thad Hughes, Kaisuke Nakajima, Linne Ha, Atul Vasu, Pedro Moreno, Mike LeBeau

    Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH 2010), International Speech Communication Association, pp. 1914-1917


    Revisiting Graphemes with Increasing Amounts of Data

    Yun-Hsuan Sung, Thad Hughes, Francoise Beaufays, Brian Strope

    ICASSP, IEEE (2009)