Thomas A. Limoncelli

Thomas Limoncelli is an author and speaker on many topics including system administration and time management. A system administrator since 1988, he has worked for small and large companies including Google, Lumeta, AT&T, Lucent / Bell Labs. He has written/co-written two books, "The Practice of System and Network Administration" from Addison-Wesley (2001) and "Time Management for System Administration" from O'Reilly (2005). He received the 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award from SAGE. He holds a B.A. in C.S. from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, USA.

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    Tricks You Can Do if Your Firewall Is a Bridge

    Thomas A. Limoncelli

    First Conference on Network Administration (NETA '99), USENIX, Santa Clara, California (1999), pp. 47-55