Daryl Pregibon

Daryl is the Head of the Statistics Group in the New York Engineering office. His primary interests are in Ads Quality.

Before joining Google in 2004, Daryl led the Statistics Research Department at AT&T Labs. He held a similar position at Bell Labs prior to trivestiture in 1995. Combined, he worked for 23 years at Bell and AT&T Labs.

Daryl received his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Toronto in 1979. He also holds MMath and BSc degrees from the University of Waterloo and Youngstown State University.

Google Publications


    Performance tournaments with crowdsourced judges

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    User browsing models: relevance versus examination

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    Online Effects of Offline Ads

    Diane Lambert, Daryl Pregibon

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    More Bang for Their Bucks: Assessing New Features for Online Advertisers

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    Hancock: A language for analyzing transactional data streams

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