Thomas K. Leung

Google Publications


    Deep Convolutional Ranking for Multilabel Image Annotation

    Yunchao Gong, Yangqing Jia, Alexander Toshev, Thomas Leung, Sergey Ioffe

    International Conference on Learning Representations (2014) (to appear)


    Large-scale Video Classiļ¬cation with Convolutional Neural Networks

    Andrej Karpathy, George Toderici, Sanketh Shetty, Thomas Leung, Rahul Sukthankar, Li Fei-Fei

    Proceedings of International Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2014), IEEE


    Learning Fine-grained Image Similarity with Deep Ranking

    Jiang Wang, Yang Song, Thomas Leung, Chuck Rosenberg, Jingbin Wang, James Philbin, Bo Chen, Ying Wu

    CVPR'2014, IEEE


    Handling Label Noise in Video Classification via Multiple Instance Learning

    Thomas Leung, Yang Song, John Zhang

    ICCV'2011, IEEE


    Improving Video Classification via YouTube Video Co-Watch Data

    John Zhang, Yang Song, Thomas Leung

    ACM Workshop on Social and Behavioural Networked Media Access at ACM MM 2011, ACM

Previous Publications


    Context-aided Human Recognition - Clustering

    Yang Song, Thomas Leung

    Proc. of European Conferences on Computer Vision (2006)


    Texton Correlation for Recognition

    Thomas Leung

    ECCV (1) (2004), pp. 203-214


    Statistics of Real-World Illumination

    Ron O. Dror, Thomas K. Leung, Edward H. Adelson, Alan S. Willsky

    CVPR (2) (2001), pp. 164-171


    Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling

    Alexei A. Efros, Thomas K. Leung

    ICCV (1999), pp. 1033-1038


    Probablistic Affine Invariants for Recognition

    Thomas K. Leung, Michael C. Burl, Pietro Perona

    CVPR (1998), pp. 678-684


    Finding Faces in Cluttered Scenes Using Labeled Random Graph Matching

    Thomas K. Leung, Michael C. Burl, Pietro Perona

    ICCV (1995), pp. 637-644