Ana Radovanovic

Ana's research focuses on fundamental principles of operation, design and control of systems in which uncertainty is an inherent property and an important assumption in the analysis and design. She has conducted research in the following areas: Web caching, stochastic service networks, revenue management and pricing in capacitated systems with reusable resources, job scheduling algorithms in large computer centers and online advertising. More can be found at

Google Publications


    Accuracy at the Top

    Stephen Boyd, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Ana Radovanovic

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    Risk-Aware Revenue Maximization in Display Advertising

    William D. Heavlin, Ana Radovanovic

    WWW (2012) (to appear)


    Revenue Management of Reusable Resources - Provably Near-Optimal LP-Based Policies

    Retsef Levi, Ana Radovanovic

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    Revenue Maximization in Reservation-based Online Advertising Through Dynamic Inventory Management

    Ana Radovanovic, Assaf Zeevi

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    Asymptotic Optimality of the Static Frequency Caching in the Presence of Correlated Requests

    Predrag Jelenkovic, Ana Radovanovic

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    Asymptotic Performance of the Non-Forced Idle Time Scheduling Policies in the Presence of Variable Demand for Resources

    Ana Radovanovic, Cliff Stein

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    The Persistent-Access-Caching Algorithm

    Predrag Jelenkovic, Ana Radovanovic

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