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Sadly, Howard is no longer with us. We have left this page as he wrote it.

Howard Gobioff
Principal Engineer

Howard Gobioff escaped from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science in late 1999 with his PhD in Computer Science and joined the fledgling search engine startup, Google. He did not pass go. He did not collect $200. He has had an amusing ride watching, from the inside, as Google went from a 40 person underdog to a 2000+ major company. During his tenure at Google, he has worked on the advertising system, the core crawling system, the indexing system, and lead the Google Filesystem effort for several years. He probably did other things but can't quite remember what they were.

In October 2004, he embarked on a new adventure and relocated to Tokyo Japan to help build Google's Tokyo R&D center. Howard believes Google is a company that enables a simple computer scientist to fundamentally change the world by improving people's access to information. Following that adventure, he decided to move to a smaller city so he currently works at Google's Manhattan Engineering Office.

Howard's research interests are focused on large scale distributed systems, operating systems, and security. Before entering graduate school, Howard received a bachelor of science degree in computer science and mathematics from University of Maryland, College Park. He is also amused if you read this far.