Latin America refers to territories in the Americas where the Spanish or Portuguese languages prevail: Mexico, most of Central and South America, and in the Caribbean; Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico – in summary, Hispanic America and Brazil.

To apply for a Google research award, faculty members should use the following general guidelines for proposal submission:

  • Permanent faculty members from universities in Latin America are eligible to apply.
  • The advice on crafting a strong proposal at the end of these FAQs was written by a group of Google researchers and engineers involved in the review and selection process and is an excellent place to start as you prepare an application.
  • The application process for the Google Research Awards for Latin America is composed of two steps:
    1. Fill out this online form with basic information on the researcher, the project, and the student
    2. Submit a project proposal in PDF to the email
  • As part of the online form, you will be asked to select a topic area from among the ones listed below. Please select carefully, as this will determine which of our review committees will review your proposal. We may, at our discretion, move proposals between areas. Please note that Google cannot accept any proposal containing confidential or proprietary information.
    1. Geo/maps
    2. Human-computer interaction
    3. Information retrieval, extraction & organization (including semantic graphs)
    4. Internet of things (including smart cities)
    5. Machine learning and data mining
    6. Mobile
    7. Natural language processing
    8. Physical interfaces and immersive experiences
    9. Privacy
    10. Other topics related to web research
  • The deadline for submitting proposals is June 9, 2016.
  • Your project proposal should be organized as follows:
  1. Proposal

    The main proposal section is comprised of 3 parts: An overview, a proposal body and a data policy. The maximum length of the entire proposal section, including references, is 3 pages. In addition to the 3-page proposal, we require a CV from the faculty. The maximum length for each CV is 2 pages.

    1. Overview
      • Proposal Title
      • Faculty full name, contact information (postal address, email address, phone), affiliation (university, school, college and/or department)
      • [Optional] The name(s) of up to two Google contacts. Contacts are defined as people at Google who are familiar with your professional work.
    2. Proposal Body
      • Abstract
      • Research goals, including a problem statement
      • Description of the work you'd like to do, as well as the expected outcomes and results
      • How this relates to prior work in the area (including your own, if relevant)
      • References, where applicable
      • Please carefully review the advice located at the end of these FAQs before crafting your proposal
    3. Data Policy
      • Google's Research Awards program is designed to support work whose output will be made available to the public and to the research community. To that end, we ask that you provide us with a few sentences sharing what you intend to do with the output of your project (e.g. open sourcing code, making data sets public, etc). Please note that Research Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts, so there are no legal requirements once a project is selected for funding. This is simply a statement of your current intentions.
  2. CV of the Faculty
    • The maximum length of a Faculty CV is two pages. Any submitted CV that is longer than 2 pages may be cut off at two pages before the proposal review process begins.